What is causing the growth of eSports betting and online casinos?


Due to the Corona pandemic, a lot is currently happening especially fast. Cancellations in sports, for example, lead to an increased interest in eSports and betting among previous betting customers. Also, online casinos receive an increased demand and offer many a successful alternative or a successful first contact with betting on eSports.

The boom in the eSports industry couldn’t be going any better. New players and new leagues mean that eSports matches are becoming interesting for an ever-growing audience. A special difference to sports betting is that the betting odds for eSports encounters are created and offered by the respective eSports providers. Even without the Corona crisis and the resulting consequences, the eSports sector would continue to develop at an above-average rate. There is no question that the longer the crisis lasts and no ghost games start yet, the desire for sports encounters and betting will grow.

With eSports, you are at the right address with soccer, soccer, handball and many other sports encounters. Betting on video games provides an additional opportunity to get into the world of the particular video game, professional players and leagues and place bets. Despite the Corona crisis, very good alternatives show up in the form of eSports betting and online casinos.

Speaking of online casinos: Slot games are taking an increasingly important role in online casinos. Thus, online casinos can now be found where 90% of the casino offer consists of slot games. The reason for the rapid development here can be seen, for example, in the better game ideas, HD quality and crystal clear sound. Stakes can be set from 0.01 to 5 euros or higher per game round. Also important is the fact that with casino free spins without deposit, new players can win real money and successfully cash out if the bonus conditions are met.

Improved technologies

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Many changes, such as facilitation and even more entertainment can be justified with improvements in gaming concepts, customer service to technologies used. Improved technologies in-game production as well as the expansion of anti-cheat technologies by casino providers, for example, support the growth of casinos and eSports offerings.

Thus, the online casinos of today show that optimal customer orientation is very important to them. Especially this fact and the transparency and fast deposits and withdrawals will continue to lead to a strong increase in online demand. Other reasons for the growth of casinos and eSports are the transition from download games to in-play games in online casinos. Almost without exception, video games can be played from the cloud these days. Cloud gaming offers more potential players and experienced players to play video games or experience eSports under excellent technical conditions.

Other improvements include:

Increase in casino apps

Secure mobile payments

An increasing number of mobile casino games

Increase in the number of digital payment providers following the departure of PayPal

The impact of regulations

So far, regulations on gambling by gambling providers have led to an increase in transparency and trust in the offering by players. Despite the triumph of slot games so far, more and more card games will be in demand in online casinos in the future. Easy game explanations are presented by the casino provider in the language of the respective player. Reward systems, such as bonuses for live casinos will also have a positive impact on legal online gambling.

With the agreement of the federal states in January 2020, online gambling will be legal in Germany from the summer of 2021. This will then also include eSports betting. With the improvements to the regulations that have been in place so far and the even stronger integration of consumer protection, even very safety-conscious and risk-averse people will now venture into online gambling and sports betting.

Shifting priorities due to COVID-19

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The consequences of SARS-CoV-2 are far-reaching and have for weeks put a stop to sports meetings, events and gatherings outdoors or in private. But what will happen in these times to professions, professions and entire industries that depend, for example, on sports taking place? Alternatives are being sought and, as is evident in the area of sports betting, are quickly being found.

The elimination of sports betting resulted in a fairly significant increase in demand for eSports and online casinos. Through the Corona-conditioned time at home, more and more women will also deal with sports betting, eSports and online casinos. Up to now, there has at no time been such a justification for eSports as the current omission of real-life sports encounters, tournaments and competitions.

In all likelihood, many of the customers and players who are now coming into contact with the new eSports technologies and offers for the first time will keep an eye on eSports offers even after real sports encounters resume.

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