Why are some people cold and others always hot?


Are you hot or are you cold? What is the most familiar situation for you – when you wrap yourself in a blanket and turn on the heater when everyone else is quite warm, or take off extra layers of clothes and open windows when others are freezing? Why do we perceive the temperature around us so differently? There are many reasons why we feel hot and cold. 

You are always cold

Do you always have a heater ready, woollen socks, an extra blanket, and hot tea does not translate into a cup? Most likely you are a woman. In 2015, the scientific journal Nature published the results of studies that showed that women are more comfortable with an ambient temperature of 24.5 degrees, and men – 22 degrees. But of course, this does not mean that all women should be cold, and men – on the contrary. There are reasons why a man can have cold hands and feet. 

Sleep deprivation and stress

Sleep deprivation

Even one sleepless night can make you more susceptible to coolness. If we do not get enough sleep, do not rest and experience chronic stress, the body spends resources on recovery, and thermoregulation suffers. It could possibly be overspending your time playing on the Woo Casino App. Why this happens, scientists do not fully know, they can only calculate statistics that show that lack of sleep can cause chills the next day. The solution is obvious – give your body a good rest! This includes sleep, meditation, and quiet pleasant activities, such as reading books with a cup of tea.

Thyroid problems

Constant chills can be the result of a weak thyroid gland – hypothyroidism when it does not produce enough hormones. Try to eat more algae, fish, eggs and other foods rich in iodine. Thyroid problems should not be left to chance. Untreated hypothyroidism can lead to depression, memory problems, brain damage, and a life-threatening thyroid shutdown.


Another cause of over-sensitivity to cold can be anaemia, a lack of haemoglobin and red blood cells in the body. Other symptoms are pallor, weakness, dizziness, and hair loss. Make sure that your diet contains green buckwheat, spirulina, apples, liver, greens. Vitamin C enhances the absorption of iron, so do not forget about fresh vegetables and fruits, especially citrus fruits. If the condition is in doubt, consult a doctor and donate blood for analysis.

Poor nutrition

Poor nutrition

You may not feel like eating, but your body can feel it in its own way. For us, hunger is a lack of calories when energy runs out, and for our body, there is also a hunger for nutrients. The average urban dweller does not get adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals from the diet and often tries to get them through pills, but this is not always beneficial. Because we are programmed to get nutrients from food in a balanced way, vitamin complexes should be consumed after consulting a doctor and passing tests that will show exactly what is missing. 


Men can pass by this point, but girls should take a pregnancy test. In an interesting position, the hormonal background changes and you can begin to react differently to the ambient temperature. You may experience a sudden fever that does not last long, or you may feel warm all the time, even if those around you are cold.

The female hormonal system leads to hot flashes not only during pregnancy but also during menopause.


You already know that lack of rest and chronic stress can make you feel cold. But short-term, but sharp stress can have the opposite effect. When we worry and get angry, the heartbeat quickens and the body temperature may rise slightly. This is probably why anger is often depicted in pictures as red or even burning.

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