Fruit slots, and everything you wanted to know about them


Fruit slots are the oldest genre in the direction of gambling. For more than a hundred years slots with fruit images offer players jackpots and large payouts. They appeared almost immediately after the invention of the Liberty Bell and are still the most common. We offer a large collection of fruit slots. Users can play free fruit slots and learn the rules and principles of the games.

Features thematic

The first and most noticeable feature of the fruit slots – is images. The drums are mainly depicted plums, cherries, watermelons and other fruits. Symbols of sevens, BARs, jokers and diamonds are also popular.

Fruit slots are a genre of classic slot machines. For most of their history, mechanical and electromechanical slots were three-reel slots. The vast majority contained fruit symbols. That is why many online slots in this genre are now three-reel slots.

Three-reel fruit slots are usually very simple. They offer simplified gameplay, often without bonus games. They contain up to 9 prize lines, so it is quite difficult to win. Their advantage is the opportunity to break the big payout or progressive jackpot.

Five-reel fruit machines are also common. Because of the greater number of reels such slots offer special symbols, bonus games, free spins, respins and other bonuses. However, they are often very simple.

Everyone knows them, most people love them: slot machines, on the reels of which spin numerous delicious fruits such as cherries, strawberries, melons, lemons, grapes and plums. However, fruit slots usually not only feature the same symbols to the greatest extent possible but are also generally similar in terms of features and functions. Usually, the machines are designed in a very simple way, so that the focus is on the actual game and exaggerated graphics do not distract from it. Not infrequently, the gameplays are also kept insanely straightforward. For example, many fruit machines are based on the structure of old one-armed bandits, i.e. they only have three reels and one pay line. In this case, they are true classics that transfer the old flair of the gambling houses into the present day. Regarding the gameplay, the bonus functions and features of the slots should also be noted. It often happens that these are completely omitted or only simple and widely known features, such as a wild symbol or scatter symbols, are used. 

How to choose a fruit virtual slot machine?

Since there are a lot of such machines, one piece of advice: choose several online casinos and such games. If you are new to playing online casinos, this way you can experience what kind of fruit slots you like. With multiple lines, colored? How many fruits should there be? What color scheme should be? In general, play and find yourself the slot machines that you like. And, of course, do not forget that the casino must be licensed, reliable and trusted. It’s best if the game developers in the casino are also known, with a good reputation.

Developers who create fruit slots.

Almost all developers have in their portfolio of fruit slots. Many casinos have a lot of slot machines on this subject. Their fruit slots are among the most famous and popular.


Fruit slot machines are usually the simplest in the portfolio. At the same time, they often have a chance to get big payouts or hit the jackpot. Because of their simplicity, they are well suited for beginners. So, you definitely need to try them as a beginner! If you are an experienced gambler, it also could be a good idea to enjoy them after “harder” online casino games such as poker and Blackjack. Win and enjoy!

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